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What to Know when Selling Your Home

Selling your home that is what we all want to do! How is the question everyone wants the answer to, and I hope to share with you today. Whether this is the first time selling or you have sold a home before I believe knowledge is power and can make a big difference in your pocketbook when selling your home.

When selling your home, there are so many things you need to know before beginning!


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The Right Realtor Is Extremely Important

Often this stage is the most undervalued. Many people call the one the first Realtor that comes to mind without really looking into just how critical hiring a great real estate agent is.

Are all real estate agents the same?

Absolutely not in many ways.  When selling your home, you should have high expectations and be able to hold your agent accountable. All agents possess different skill sets and qualities.

 How do you as seller ensure you get a great Realtor when selling a home?  

It is actually quite simple.  Knowing what is needed to sell your home will provide the greatest probability a great Realtor is selected.  While there are no guarantees having the information about what is needed to sell your home will guide you! It is not only important what the Realtor tells you but what he does not can be more important (how to stage your home, how he came up with market value, his quality of photos and more).

Pool roomEvaluation of your Home


Proper preparation is key when selling your home and many sellers are under the assumption that selling their home is easy and doesn’t take any preparation.  Preparation is more than just cleaning the house. The process of selling your home is always fraught with anxiety, creates stress and thoughts of uncertainty.

A great Realtor knows what is needed and where to collect it from and compared to proper comparables to determine value. If you are told the value of you home before the Agent walks through your home beware!  So many agents tell their clients what they want to hear! Like your home is worth $$$$. Your house is amazing (when it needs work and you know it).

A Professional Realtor won’t bring you a price on your home but sit down with your and provide you documentation on everything that has sold (within a short time), expired (not sold) and your competition. They will walk through your home with you and then sit down and go over the documentation and help you determine the price.

A professional Realtor will also be honest with you when your selling your home. Honesty might hurt a little after all it is your home you love and they will be critical of it. If they are not critical of your home and offer you no advice they are not working for you they are a “Yes” man or women.


The Home Time Forgot

The Home Time Forgot

Dangers of “Yes man”…..

They will tell you’re your house is worth more than what it really is costing you critical time on the market by over pricing it then begging you to bring it down because they know they can’t sell it for that price!

They will not tell you your house smells or other issues. Some homes smell like smoke, animals, and others smell too strong with cover scents oils, prairie, etc.

They will not offer advice in moving furniture, staging or the theory of three.

If your Realtor offers no advice they have no knowledge, or they are too scared to tell you. Either one will cost you when selling your home.


20150820174739589446000000-oWhen Selling your Home you must stage it!

When selling your home, you want to make your home feel open and appeal to the buyers. Stop at every doorway and look into your home and look at it with a critical mind. What do you think the buyer is seeing when looking at it for the first time?

If you’re selling your home then you’re planning on moving start packing up the clutter and tell yourself “if I don’t need it pack it.”

PricePricing Makes a Difference

The price is the most important factor to whether a home sells or not! Most sellers say well let’s just try it at the higher price and we and bring it down! That is true but a couple of factors they are not thinking of are:

The first thirty days on the market are the most critical! No one is looking at old listings. Most people search in increments such as up to 350,000 because they cannot afford more. What if you list higher and you are willing to sell just below that 350,000 mark? Then how many buyers’s never saw your home.Buyers know that if it has been on the market more than a few weeks they can start offering less because there is no competition.


Priced right means more buyers more exposure and more money in the long run.

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