Where Home Buyers Need to Start!

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 Where Home Buyers Need to Start is a question most people go through!

You have come to the right place Cedar City Houses is here to help.

Where home buyers need to start is a good question in that Buying a home can be very stressful and not knowing where to start just adds to that stress. I hope the information will help you know where home Buyer needs to start and gives you a clearer understanding of the process.

Build a good credit history is one of the most important steps in buying a home.You need to start with finding a good and trusted lender and get a mortgage pre-approval letter.  I love working with our local lender’s who I can call and get things done with. (Recommended Lenders)

Most people can qualify or can with a little help, you just need to find out what type of mortgages you qualify for and what works best for you.

Down Payment is typically 10-20% of property’s value; if FHA-qualified, then possibly less around 3.5%.

You can still get 0% down with the sellers paying your closing cost.

Don’t forget to consider your closing costs when purchasing a home and ask your lender about their fee’s.

Consider utilities and monthly bills, such as homeowner’s assessments HOA’s (Home Owners Association’s can have considerable fees).

Real Estate Professional

Jeff Humphries Realtor your trusted Real Estate Agent in Southern Utah.

Jeff Humphries

It does not cost you the Buyer anything to use a Real Estate Professional so you should always! When I say it doesn’t cost you to use an Agent it is the Seller of the property or home that pay’s he has already agreed to pay when he listed the home.  By contract when someone list their home they agree to pay the listing Agent and any other Agent (Buyer’s Agent) who brings a qualified buyer resulting in the sell of the home.

Explain your needs and expectations to the Real Estate Professional you choose to work with.

Don’t call the Real Estate Agent or Realtor on the Yard Sign!

The Agent on the yard sign works for the Seller and may not have your best interest in mind.  My goal as a your Agent, is to  represent you and find you a home you will love for years to come. I work by referral so my job is to Please You! There are exceptions to this rule if  you have a personal relationship with them and truly trust them.

 Find the Right Property

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Determine what is important to you, such as particular schools, neighborhood amenities, monthly mortgage payment, public transportation, walk-ability, etc.

Make an Offer


Your Agent should insure the property is inspected by a licensed home inspector.
Acquire title insurance.
Make sure the title is clear, or make your offer contingent upon title clearance.

Read all contracts before signing—make sure you understand all of the terms, and don’t be afraid to ask questions ask questions.

Place a offer and be prepared to make a counter-offer this is a negotiation.
Only one offer will result in a sale, so be prepared to move on if your offer is not accepted.

Keep your credit score stable and in-check by waiting to purchase any big-ticket items until long after the closing.

After you Close

Cedarcityhouses.com After Close!

Maintain files—digital or print—for all warranties, insurance documents, contracts, etc.
Keep original closing documents in a safe place, preferably outside the home (such as a safety deposit box).
Set up utilities bills in your name, maintain files.
Implement desired aesthetic changes such as painting, minor construction, and re-flooring.
Set a move date and hire movers or plan a move party with your friends.
Get to know your neighbors and explore your new neighborhood.

If you’re happy with the work of your Real Estate professional, be sure to recommend her/him to friends and family.

If you would like any further information just let me know (Jeff Humphries your neighborhood Realtor) or to just look at homes that are on the the market go to your home search!